Women against the cancer

Pembe İzler Society and the Turkish Cancer Society, which make a difference with their works in the field of cancer, have united their powers to raise awareness of women's cancer. Pembe İzler Society and the Turkish Cancer Society have joined forces to gain more strength to the women and increase their life prospects against the cancer, has held a press conference at the Wyndham Grand Istanbul Levent Hotel on November 2, 2016 to share the details of the "Women Against the Cancer" project. Associations that participated in the project of "Women Against the Cancer" will carry out communication studies to raise awareness and also meet with women in different cities to convey what needs to be known. Within the scope of the project, information will be provided on the social media regularly from the account of “#KadınKansereKarşı” (women against the cancer) and the experts will give information about the diagnosis and treatment of breast, uterus, cervical and ovarian cancers which are common in women, in the events to be held in Istanbul, Bursa and Aydın.

Arzu Karataş, the President of Pembe İzler Society, with her support in the project, stated that if the woman is sick, it does not only affect the individual person but also the whole family and its environment. She also said: "Supporting women is very important. When the woman gets skin, her immediate surroundings, especially her family, are greatly affected. Her husband and the children... As the family and other people around are very affected by the patient, there are many problems in the treatment process. We are working on two goals as the association. Increasing the awareness of women about early diagnosis methods and helping women to get through the process more easily. We, as Pembe İzler Society, aim to give a helping hand to our women in all these processes. We are attaching importance to the project of Women Against the Cancer because it is a project thorough which we will reach many women.”

Prof. Dr. Gökhan Demir from Department of Internal Medicine in Acıbadem University Faculty of Medicine,  Prof. Dr. Cihan Uras Head of the General Surgery Department in Acıbadem University Faculty of Medicine and Prof. Dr. Mete Güngör Head of the Obstetrics and Gynecology Department in Acıbadem University Faculty of Medicine, who have been working in the field of cancer, also shared the latest developments in women's cancer (breast, uterus, cervical and ovarian cancers) with the public while participating in the meeting and providing support to the project.

Other Bodies of the Project

The project of "Women Against the Cancer" will continue with the meetings to be held in Bursa and Aydın following Istanbul. Information on the early diagnosis, screening and treatment of cancer will be provided at events with the participation of experts in Aydın on Saturday, November 26th and in Bursa on Saturday, December 10th.

Pembe Izler