Music feeds the body!

Sometimes songs of the 70's that are not erased from our memories, sometimes rock wind... Unforgettable songs of different genres were told this time against breast cancer. Moreover, the doctors were the ones who sang and played the song, they stole the show! In the special event organized by Acıbadem Maslak Hospital for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the participants first informed each other about breast cancer and gave a concert consisting of the songs that have been loved by the millions.


Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer in women, and about one in ten women encounters with this disease at one point in their lives. Many factors, such as genetic factors, environmental factors, unhealthy nutrition, and mistakes made in life habits, create a ground for this fearful phenomenon. However, it is not necessary to look at the figures and be despondent. Because breast cancer patients can get their health again when they are diagnosed and treated early. With the targeted therapies, smart drugs, and approaches to hormone therapy, developed with the improvements made on the resolution of the molecular structure of breast cancer in particular, treatment success increased significantly. For this reason, experts point to the importance of early diagnosis of breast cancer at every opportunity.

In the "October 1-31 Breast Cancer Awareness Month" interview; organized by Acıbadem Maslak Hospital and Pembe İzler Society; recent advancements in the field of women's cancers were discussed. In the interview hosted by journalist Balçiçek İlter in Acıbadem Maslak Hospital on October 25, 2017; doctors and patients shared their thoughts and feelings in a sincere atmosphere. Medical Oncology Specialist Prof. Dr. Gökhan Demir, Radiology Specialist Prof. Dr. Gül Esen İçten, General Surgery Specialist Prof. Dr. Cihan Uras, Radiation Oncology Specialist Prof. Dr. Nuran Beşe, Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Specialist Prof. Dr. Vildan Çerçi and Psychiatry Specialist Prof. Dr. İrem Yaluğ Ulubil answered the questions of patients after the speeches.

"We are at world standards for the diagnose of breast cancer"

Radiology Specialist Prof. Dr. Gül Esen İçten, who stated that the majority of cancer cases cannot be diagnosed while it is smaller than 1 cm and they aim to detect them below the 1-1,5 cm. "We do not have widespread breast cancer screening in our country and women go to the screening only by their own will, so we have early detection of those who have regular examinations, but generally we can not have an early diagnosis in our country. Even when people detect a palpable mass on themselves, they do not come to examination because of their fear. However, the earlier the application, the more likely to be able to overcome the disease." she says. Prof. Dr. Gül Esen İçten informed us about the advancements in the breast follow-ups; emphasized that our country is at world standards in the diagnose of breast cancer and even ahead of many countries.

 “It is a treatable disease”    


General Surgery Specialist Prof. Dr. Cihan Uras also stated that Turkey is one of the world's leading country in breast cancer treatment, also he said that nowadays it is possible to prevent mastectomy. Early diagnosis can achieve full success in the disease, and in advanced stages, it is possible to live healthy for many years thanks to highly developed treatment options. Dr. Cihan Uras said "Every woman should spare 10 minutes in a month to examine her breasts by hand, it is the first step in early diagnosis. If there is no cancer history in the family, regular physician follow-up after the age of 30, regular mammography after the age of 40 is a must."

“Now we have too many weapons against the disease”    


Medical Oncology Specialist Prof. Dr. Gökhan Demir who was also talking about the latest developments in breast cancer treatment, said that "In the past, we were applying chemotherapy to every patient for protection. As we learned the molecular genetics of breast cancer, we saw that it was not necessary. There are some breast cancer groups that hormonal therapy can be enough rather than chemotherapy. We learned to find these breast subgroups by extracting the tumor's genetic map, and indeed the use of these new methods has reduced the use of chemotherapy in the early stages by 20 percent today. So one of every 5 patients may not necessarily get chemotherapy according to their genetic profile. Chemotherapy, which scared us a lot because of side effects, is no longer a feared treatment, thanks to our strong drugs."Indicating that complete responses can be obtained even in advanced stages of breast tumors, Dr. Gökhan Demir says "There are so many weapons in our arsenal that we are able to use them in the diagnose of an advanced stage of disease that can be kept under control for many years."

“Do not be shy talking about the disease”

Stating that in order to get stronger than breast cancer, the patient should avoid social withdrawal and should not be shy talking about the disease, Psychiatrist Prof. Dr. İrem Yalug Ulubil said "Breast cancer is a disease that can be traumatizing and frightening in our society. I prefer calling it breast disease, not breast cancer. Absolutely speak to your loved ones about your breast disease.” Prof. Dr. İrem Yaluğ Ulubil said that the support of a family member and her relatives and the support of their friends are also very important for the patient who has been diagnosed with breast cancer.

“Treatments like personal clothes”

Stating that radiation oncology is an indispensable part of breast cancer treatment, Prof. Dr. Nuran Beşe said "Today we are now able to apply a treatment model according to each patient. We are working like a Houte Couture tailor. We are sewing clothes special for the patients. And if we are working on a multidisciplinary team, we can find the best suit. How is it personal? The treatment of all patients differs according to age, performance, tumor size, and biologic factors. In the waiting rooms, the patients talk to each other about their treatment methods and they are misunderstood. Just know that the treatment of all our patients is different from each other.” Underlining that they have achieved great benefits in treatment with the new technological devices,  Prof. Dr. Nuran Beşe said "The radiation therapy applied to left side is so unlikely to harm the heart of a patient, it won’t be compared to the damage that a smoker gives to his heart, or the damage an obese person gives to his heart. Don’t be worried, if it is on the left side, come to treatment without concern. "

Lymphedema awareness is very important!

Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Specialist Dr. Vildan Çerçi also gave important information about the lymphedema problem that occurred during or after cancer treatment in the speech she made at the meeting. Stating that everyone who has breast cancer treatment is at risk of encountering lymphedema at any time of their lives after the treatment, Dr. Vildan Çerçi said “Patients are questioning why it happens even if their cancer treatment is over when they realize swelling in their arms. It is very important to inform the patient on this issue before lymphedema occurs, to suggest protective treatment, to teach what they can do in order to prevent lymphedema and how they can manage it at the minimal level when they encounter it, to start the informative program immediately and to provide education. We have established a lymphedema school for the education of the patients. Treatment of lymphedema is a long-lasting, demanding treatment for both treating and treated sides once it occurs."

The power of music in breast cancer!


The Group Merdiven Altı consisting of physicians including Prof. Dr. Gökhan Demir, gave a mini concer after the speeches. Sometimes songs of the 70's that are not erased from our memories, sometimes rock wind... Unforgettable songs of different genres were told by physicians this time against breast cancer, and the audience sang along with them. Mini-concert of musician physicians was greatly appreciated.

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