Curtains were opened for us

Pembe İzler Society who are active in the field of women's cancers, started something new in Turkey. In order to increase the awareness of breast cancer, the theatre play of “Gülbahar” written by Ayşe Alagöz, a member of the association, was met with the audience. The play, which was played in Istanbul in the sponsorship of Atasay, had standing ovation for a long time.

Pembe İzler Society spoke to the audience from the stage with a brand new theater play using the power of art: Cancer be afraid of women!

Ayşe Alagöz, who is active in Pembe İzler Society in the field of women’s cancers, has presented a play named "Gülbahar", which portraits sequences of a woman's life with breast cancer and the play was enjoyed by the crowd and the play draw attention to breast cancer. The play, which was also sponsored by Atasay, met with the audience in Sarıyer Yaşar Kemal Cultural Center on Thursday evening, November 16, 2017 in Istanbul. At the beginning of the play, a ceremony hosted by the famous presenter Melike Öçalan; presented plaques to the Acıbadem Health Group, Atasay and Durmazlar Holding, which contributed to the meeting of Gülbahar with the audience.

Breast cancer is seen one out of every eight women in our country. Gulbahar is one of these women. In 1970's in Istanbul, in a neighborhood where warm neighborhood relations were held, women are leading characters of the play. Gulbahar which reflects the cultural diversity in our country and the environment of tolerance arising from this wealth has attracted attention to breast cancer, which has become a health problem for more and more women.

The project, which was completely carried out in with the spirit of volunteering, was brought to life under the direction of Elif Dörter. The director of the play is Berrin Kulya Balkanlar. The audience who followed the play at Yaşar Kemal Cultural Center in Sarıyer with great attention sometimes had laughter and were sometimes shaken by the unexpected bad health news. However, the love and enthusiasm overcame the bad news and the game ended with "Happy end", and gave everyone hope.

Melike Öçalan was the presenter of the night when the play "Gülbahar" met with its audience in Istanbul.

Melike Öçalan was the presenter of the night when the play "Gülbahar" met with its audience in Istanbul.

Ayse Alagöz, who has accomplished various projects in non-governmental organizations for a long time and who also has been successful in her works as a member of Pembe İzler Society, said: "Gülbahar is a play that shows the greatness of contacting each other even though communication tools have been developed while centering on breast cancer. Despite our differences, the beauty of living together and color richness that we have are actually our greatest wealth, and this wealth, no matter what happens, and always allows us to find a solution."


Arzu Karataş, President of Pembe İzler Society, said that they were very happy to bring such a project to life in her speech she made during the ceremony. "It is so good that we can tell the importance of early diagnosis and regular control in breast cancer! We, as an association, use the power of art to touch the heart, and we want to reach out not only women but everyone in the life of the woman, to give information and raise their awareness. But also by raising our hope and happiness, and our power to connect with our lives, "she said. Karataş thanked everyone and organizations who supported the project by mentioning the importance of being a partner and saying, "You are the best!".

Famous names were also included among the audience of the play.

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