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Every year, almost 62,000 women face with cancer in Turkey.

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Who are we?

Pembe İzler Society aims to raise public awareness about all types of women's cancer particularly for breast cancer and to provide support in the diagnosis and treatment of the patients with financial inadequacy. In other words, it aims to give patients and patient relatives a helping hand in this quite important challenging situation. It aims to raise awareness by telling the truth and practicing accordingly. In order to make this widespread as possible, it prepares various qualified and comprehensive projects.

The society is the most prominent supporter of women fighting with women's cancers during and after the treatment and it aims to help these afflicted women to maintain their lives as strong women who are not afraid of the disease and its results.

Why Pembe İzler?

Almost 62,000 women are diagnosed with cancer every year in Turkey. Among the most frequent ten cancer types in women, breast cancer is the first, endometrium cancer is the fifth, ovarian cancer is the seventh and cervix cancer is the tenth.

Every year,

  • Breast cancer in 20,000 women,
  • Endometrium cancer in about 5,000 women,
  • Ovarian cancer in about 3,000 women,
  • And Cervix cancer in 1,500 women are diagnosed. 

One in eight women is diagnosed with breast cancer in our country.


Fight like a woman!

It has been based on the fact that cancers develop in the breast, ovaries and uterus pose a life threat when not diagnosed early.

And it asked "What can we do for women?". 

Our goal

  • Being a companion, making a partnership of hope and leaving a pink trace in women's lives,
  • The Hope House of Pembe İzler; aims to provide accommodation and psychological support to women in these houses where educated people will be at the service, to be organized by considering the needs of women under treatment
  • Hope Line of Pembe İzler

For the women calling from each point of Turkey; providing information and guiding them about women’s cancers,

  • Symptoms,
  • Diagnostic methods,
  • Daily problems they encounter during treatment
  • Guiding patients about diagnoses and treatments and providing material and spiritual support.


To be a volunteer