The treatment of women’s cancers has a very important place now. More and women are staying alive. But still many women are losing their lives because they are late for the diagnosis. Especially in breast cancer. Every 45 minutes, one woman is leaving their beloved ones behind. 

We can change that with your help. If we act together now, we believe that every woman who catches this disease will survive in 2050. Medical developöemts also show promising results in the treatment of other women‘s cancers.

Join us and change the lives of the women together!


For donations

Pembe İzler Sosyal Yardımlaşma ve Dayanışma Derneği

Garanti Bank // Ahmediye Üsküdar Branch

Account No: 740/ 6298189

IBAN No: TR62 0006 2000 7400 0006 2981 89

* Please indicate your name and surname for your donations through the bank.


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