Everything we do as members of Pembe İzler Society comes from our hearts. Every step we take for women affected by the disease is encouraged by our passion, determination and generosity.

Until 2050, we do not want anyone to say goodbye because of women's cancer. We can achieve this by working together. So we are grateful for all your help and support.


Pembe İzler Society operates according to the highest fundraising standards.

We are committed to ensure that we use donations as effectively as possible and we provide the highest level of care and service to these supporters.

As the members of Pembe İzler Society, we follow the practices of the World Women's Cancer Society and comply with the key principles contained in these programs.

We try not to depart from these principles wherever possible.


We keep your personal information safe.

We will request only relevant and necessary information from you.

We will never share or sell your details to charities or other third parties for marketing purposes, unless they work for us.

We will comply with legislations about data protection, health, safety and the environment.

We will do our best to ensure that fundraisers, volunteers and funding contractors work in tandem with us for fundraising, by following the principles of our association.  



We will always explain who we are, what we do, and how donations are used.

We will be responsible, generous and respectful.

We will respect the rights, dignity and privacy of everyone who supports us.

We will not make a pressure on you to make a donation. If you do not want to donate or you want to give up your donation, we will respect your decision.

We will not send you an email unless you choose to receive email from us.

We will be fair and reasonable in our activities.

We will make every endeavor t to avoid using any image or word that constitutes unjustifiable distress or crime.


About your complaints

We take the promise we have given to you seriously and we are proud to work with you openly, honestly and respectfully so that the money you donate can be used as soon as possible.

If you have any complaint about anything we have done during the fundraising or if you think we have dropped our standards, please contact us so that we can act on.

Stay in contact with us every time. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to talk about fundraising or anything related to the our promise to you.